8 week old chick pecking me


Apr 9, 2015
Central Maine
I have 12 isa browns. All are really good except one lately. They are still in their brooder since the coop is being built still. Taking longer then expected. When I put my hand in the brooder or even above this one chick will leap up and peck me. Which pinches and has broke my skin. I've been trying to tap her to get her to stop but she keeps doing it. How do I get her to stop this?
When one of mine gets fiesty with me I just pick him/her up and hold them for anout 10 mins or until they settle down. I had to do this with one of the roos and now he is no problem at all. Good luck.

I will try it for sure. I know when one of the other ones did it when they were smaller I kept tapping her harder (not hitting her) and she came right out of it. I will try holding her and see if it works though. Thanks..

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