8 week old chicken puffing herself up

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    Feb 27, 2018
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    A picture is worth 1000 words, so 20180317_120854.jpg

    I noticed her like that this morning, and when I checked on her after lunch, she was still like that (different place though). I put some food in front of her and she pecked at it a little, but not like the other ones. This morning I did notice a small amount (size of a nickle maybe) of diarrhea on a piece of wood, but I have no way of knowing if it even came from this chicken, and I didn't notice anymore since then. Any ideas? Is this something to worry about?
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    I would run to your feed store, and get some Corid powder or liquid, and treat for coccidiosis. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the powder or 2 tsp of the liquid per gallon of water for 5-7 days. No other water source for her. Replace it daily, and it is safe for the others. Don’t wait too long. Make sure that she drinks the water.
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    Thanks. I've got her in quarantine now, but the corid is in all of their water. She's looking better this evening, so I'm hoping this is all a false alarm and I'm just being extra cautious, but we'll see. I've got a separate little water bottle with a chicken nipple on it, so I should be able to tell if she's drinking it or not.
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    That is classic sick bird posture that is really common with coccidiosis, especially with the runny droppings (coccidiosis does not always show with blood in the droppings) so I would do the entire treatment time with the Corid even if she looks a lot better before you get to the end. If she is acting well enough to hold her own with the others then no need to quarantine since you are treating them all. It's a very safe treatment.
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