8 week old Easter Egger with sprained foot??


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It's been 2 weeks originally she was curling her toes to walk/limp as then it seemed to get a little better-she was walking lightly on it normally. Which she is still doing. However, I found her twice on her back while the other chickens walked on her. So tonight she's in a little cage with food/water and hay so her little feet don't get stuck in the cage spaces. As soon as we put her in the cage she drank a lot of water and dare I say she seemed almost grateful? Perked up to be alone which prior to this-she didn't want to be isolated. I know that sounds crazy but she actually improved by being with the others and they were not picking on her at all. But now it seems different.
Any suggestions?
I would treat her with poultry vitamins, especially riboflavin, in case her curled toes and leg weakness is from riboflavin deficiency. Mareks disease could also be a possibility, so make sure to keep food and wster close. I will try to post some links in the morning, but the Mareks Faq by Nambroth is a good read for learning, and can be found by Googling mareks disease, or by doing a search here at the top of the page.
I will definitely put the vitamins in her water as recommended. This flock has had the Marek vaccine @ 1 day old. We had another chick a few weeks ago who suddenly couldn't walk & she died that evening. We took her to the poultry lab. She did not have Marek. Although the Vet swore she thought that's what it was. She was really surprised to find no indicators for marek. What she sound was that chick had been born with a crocked spine and it was pressing against her nerves etc. she said it was very rare and a genetic abnormality. Vet was stunned...
I should share...her toes are no longer curled. She stopped doing that a week ago. She just limps now but I will see how she is in the am and give the vitamins.

Day 2 of giving her baby apsirin and I'm noticing an improvement during the day also 2 nights being caged at night when she gets tired. I've also added the vitamin water for all 21 of them during the day.
I suspect it's truly a sprain and read it can take up to 6 weeks to heal
She's not doing good this am. After I let her out of her cage this am and with the others since they haven't been picking on her at all..she must have fell over because I came back to a few chickens pecking on the inside of her wing to the point it was bleeding. So I brought her inside, put some antibiotic cream on it (which I bought specifically for the chickens) she seems depressed if you ask me... Has had water and food though. Stay tuned.

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