9 eggs broken in the 24 eggs bought they where wrapped in paper towels And are dirty and cold do the

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    I could take photos the liquid got all over the paper towels and on some of the other eggs towels ..

    I just read not to wash them but some of these eggs look liek they are OLD . the yolks are mixed in with the whites did they freeze ?

    or get too cold ? My eggs from Pa came in the same time as the ones in Wa and are not even cold to the touch . Not bitching just need some advice these eggs where bought for my 4 h kids.
    the eggs broke not due to the seller the Postal worker had them sideways in her car and they where clearly marked this side up eggs for hatching and so on I would recommend this seller in a heart beat.

    but the cracked eggs where spread all over the shells and paper towels of the good eggs .
    None of the burbon reds made it pouts .. My fav anyway i would again not blaim the seller she took lots of care with them,
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    May 6, 2011
    I've never bought shipped eggs, but I know you can't count on any shipper to really treat a box so carefully that they keep one side up. Were the eggs bubble wrapped or just wrapped with a paper towel? That wouldn't offer much protection. I think you do have a beef with the seller, ask them to send you replacements - wrapped in bubble wrap.

    They look old?

    If they look frozen, that's a possibility, it's been pretty cold.
  3. Tammy N

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Florence Oregon
    I could not think of the word Scrambled . you know how the yolks are mixed in with the Whites and if you throw an old edd they are the same way,

    Its totally the Post Offices fautl i seen the idiot and today I told her that she owned me some $$ for her stupidity.

    she laughed . but she did have the box sideways and asked me what type of eggs they where I said Poisonous Locus LOL

    I even told her i might ship some out alive but i cant write down what they are . I hope she is careful next time .

    I think i got her with that one .

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