9 week Lavender Orpington pullet has no tail yet

Jun 12, 2022
Southern California Mountains
Sorry if this is a weird post lol but I’m just curious if anyone knows why my lavender Orpington pullet wouldn’t have any actual tail feathers yet? I’m not sure if it has to do with lavender coloring or what. 🤷🏼‍♀️ She is 9-10 weeks old and all of her ‘sisters’ of different breeds have full tails or are getting full tails. All of the other pictures of lavender orpingtons her age have large, full tails already too.


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She has some tail feathers. Some hen’s tail feathers grow faster than others.
I can tell you that she’s a pullet!
Ah ok, I was just curious since all of my other girls have much larger tails than her. Good to know she’s definitely a pullet too because she’s a sweetheart. :)
Tail feathers are the last to grow in because they don't molt them out like the other body feathers as the grow. Most come in at 3-4 months of age and may look off until they are fully grown in.
That makes sense thank you! This is my first time raising chicks from day olds so I’m not familiar with watching chicks grow up! I’ve just bought hens and started pullets the past two years! :)

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