9 week old Easter Egger roos or pullets?


8 Years
Apr 5, 2015
Hello, Everyone,

I have two 9-week old Easter Eggers whose gender is in question. The first one with the black head and white splashes on a black body appears to have saddle feathers coming in, has pointed neck feathers, and has much larger, redder combs and wattles than the other 5 Easter Eggers. From the start, "his" build has been tall, lean, and leggy. I'm pretty certain "he's" a roo, but I thought it would be wise to double check.

The second one with random patches of red, orange, and black, really has me confused. "She" has rounded neck feathers but appears to have saddle and sickle feathers coming in. Also, "her" combs and wattles are larger and redder than most of the other Easter Eggers, but not quite like the first one pictured, and her build isn't tall and leggy.

Please bear with me if I'm overlooking anything obvious, as I am new to the world of chickens. Any help with gender identification would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your input! I was hoping against hope that the second was a pullet. I'm a bit disappointed because now I'm out 2 of my 7 colored egg layers. I got 5 of my 6 Easter Egger "pullets" from a local farm store, and now that 2 out of the 5 are boys, I'm wondering if they were straight-runs mislabeled as pullets???

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