9 week old pullet is sick - may have eaten too much hay. tips please?


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Jul 4, 2011
We have a Delaware pullet who is 9 weeks old. She has been out in her coop for a few hours each day, and we suspect that she and our other 9 week old pullet have been eating hay. This morning, not having gone outside yet, she is not feeling well (puffed up, liquid poo) and we think that it is because she ate too much hay yesterday (however, the other 9 week old seems perfectly healthy). We are trying to get her to drink plenty of water, and keeping her warm. We gave her some applesauce and some grit to help break down the hay, if that is indeed the problem. Both their crops are very full, although the healthy pullet's is even fuller than the sick pullet's. Does anybody have tips for dealing with this issue, or other ideas as to what may be the problem?
Thank you!
Her comb seems to be the same color as it has been recently.

Her crop isn't soft, but it isn't really hard. It is very compact like a little ball.
If she does have an impacted crop, what is the best thing to do?
We gave her a little bit of olive oil.
Maybe we should combine our discussions... I have a speckled Sussex in isolation inside the run in a dog crate. I am g
monitoring her output and witholding her food. She has icv (strong) water, grit and oil with some crumbles floating in it to get her to take some in. Hourly crop checks, poop checks and crop massage. So far that's all I know to do
Thanks. I'm worried about tomorrow though, I have to work so I have to keep them locked in the coop, the run isn't hawk proof and right now everyone is sitting on top of the kennel, worried about them all hopping out of their run. It's only temporary until spring when we have the funds to build fort Knox run to go along with alcatraz coop.
Okay, sure. Sounds good.
About how much oil should we give to her in order for it to be effective?
I don't know I poured some in a dish and threw about a tbsp of crumbled in it so she sees the food but is really getting oil. Looks like seasoned like for bread dipping. I'm winging it so...

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