9 Week old Silkie Chicks: Paint & Black


9 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Bay Area, CA
Only 3 left!
9 week old paint and black silkie chicks for sale.
Feathering out nicely, ready for the coop.
I hatched these chicks myself for a friend who is no longer able to keep them.
Their loss is your gain!
They are used to being handled and are so much fun to watch!
If pullets, they will lay small light brown eggs in 3 to six months.
Email if interested. Will only be available through this weekend.
Their feathers will continue to fill out until they are huge fluffballs.
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I want them but wahhh. Why does everyone have to live so far! Why do I have to be all the way up in Redding? LOL

I ordered the eggs from Shayna's Silkies. They were sent all the way from the midwest. You too can hatch these cuties! My husband and I built our own incubator and it was under $25.

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