9 weeks old too young ?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Dee Dee 2, Feb 21, 2015.

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    I need advise please. I want to get some baby chicks next week. I need to be away for two weeks, first part of May. The babies would be about 9 weeks old when I leave. I have the pet sitter only let the chickens out into the fenced (elec.) chicken yard when I am away and give them 'treat' bags every day. My current flock of 3 hens and one very sweet roo would be in the chicken yard while I am away. QUESTION IS : Would it be safe to let 9 week old chicks out with the big birds at that time ? I do not want to come home to a bunch of dead, pecked to death baby chicks. I have seen people have something in the pen the young-uns can run under that the big birds can NOT fit under. ? Any advice appreciated. Thanks !
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    *I* would not try to get to the point of integration and cohabitation at that age and right before an extended absence on your part. A pet sitter is going to be ill-equipped to deal with the issues that can arise and will not be there to provide the sort of supervision that can keep a skrimmish from becoming a blood bath by interceding and separating when the trouble starts vs. just finding the aftermath when they make their daily visit.
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    I agree with the Ol Grey Mare !! Keep them apart till 12 weeks, Then keep an eye on them.
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    I usually integrate chicks with the adults around 13 to 16 weeks of age. This would be very risky at 9 weeks, especially considering you would be away.
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