96 here


8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
It is 96 degrees and my birds and livestock are not happy. I have misters going and fresh water and cool treats. wish we would get some rain to cool things down.
Wanna trade? It's really windy here and we haven't had summer weather in FOREVER
Excuse me!!!????

I'm in NY it rains or snows and rarely hits 90. The grass is high and it's wet, wet, wet. Pretty soon it will be mosquito time.

I have no idea how people here can be so stupid to pay to have a pool. There might be 30 days when you can use it. It's cheaper to buy a membership to the YMCA. IMO.
AHHHHH ...same here...I am in Dallas area...what do you get when it is in the 90's with scattered rain showers?

MISERY in the form of HUMIDITY
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Same here in AZ, and it's already been over 100. We won't get any rain to speak of until monsoon, and then it's mostly just humidy without the payoff of rain, lol.
Y'all aren't getting the rain? Huh, that explains it. Stop sending it all north, ya numptys!

It is EXTREMELY humid outside right now, especially bad in the coops; even with lots of ventilation. I have one young SF that I don't think will make it through this summer. She doesn't seem to tolerate the heat well. Meanwhile, my big fat ol' brahmas are sailing right through, like they always do.

We're under a tornado watch and a flash flood warning, but ummm, what else is new?

I will NOT be going down to that creepy old storm cellar. Me and "the boys" will take our chances in this old house in a interior hallway.
Tomorrow its going to be between 100 and 103. No rain in sight. Add to that, I live about 3 miles from a lake so it's really bad here. UGH. I really really want rain. And not just enough to make it humid as a darn jungle.
Frozen watermelon and frozen veggies are lifesavers. Also someone maybe two years ago mentioned a trash can, use ice packs in zip locks and put it inside the trash can , they go inside it like. Mini aircondioner. I managed to only loox one hen to heat last summer from doing those three things.

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