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Oct 29, 2011
I made a large cabinet style incubator. Using a GQF wafer thermostat. Spent a few days adjusting the temps and I noticed slight adjustments either up or down caused a little more fluctuation than I am comfortable with. But I have discovered that my incubator has a "sweet spot" I guess you would call it. It is super stable at 98.5 degrees. Fluctuates from 98.2 to 98.7. Will this be enough of a low.temp to affect hatch?
you're about 1 degree too low... i think you're gonna run into problems if you don't raise it.

if you're having a hard time getting it to balance out, you should look into moving the thermostat closer to your heat source and possible a stronger fan depending on how big of a cabinet you built. If you feel the fan is sufficient, try changing the angle... you want to try and force your hot air from the top down to the cooler bottom.

some pics would certainly help if you want more thoughts
IMO it is one degree too low.

You can also use heat sinks like a jar or two or ten of water to absorb the high heat output and then release heat when it goes too low.

But definitely get the swing as tight as you can, but at the 99.5-100 degree level.

How my fan is aimed at my light bulb and the WHT makes a big difference in my homemade incubator. THe three work together. The WHT I raise or lower; or adjust the setting. THe watt size of the bulb worked better when I used a 60 watt rather than a 40 watt bulb. ANd the fan can be tilted 180 degrees but the best result is to aim the fan head on at both the WHT and bulb.

Also I still have levels of heat like a still air despite the super fan.

My point is that you may need to try a couple senerios to find what will work the best.

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