Frustrated with wafer Thermostats?


Mar 21, 2020
I bought a Hova Bator 1602n from GQF the other week the wafer thermostat that came with it was so frustrating in an incubator that constantly draws air from the room it is in. It was next to impossible to keep it in any way consistent, because unfortunately my home temps fluctuate a lot. I dont have a basement sadly to set my incubator in either. Here was my solution, I bought a reptile habitat controller to keep my incubator within one and a half degrees constant so it goes from 98.5 to 100 F cycling. This appears to work well. Of course I will see if it really is any good in 21 days from now. Just an idea for others who may be having the same problem. Im dry hatching a mix of my own eggs and some shipped ones, I will post the results as time progresses, but so far its working well.


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you can also wrap in towels for more insulation, careful not to block air holes. it's not an drawing air problem but an insulation one. How inconsistent was it?
It was pretty inconsistent moved so much if I tried to relocate it its working so much steadier this way. Where I have it now is over 70 degrees all the time, the A/c was messing it up

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