99.5 Degrees - Hen's Body Temp?

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    The other day I had to take my temperature and it was 98.1. In fact as long as I can remember my temperature normally has been 98.1 or 98.2 not 98.6. I read somewhere that the human body temperature varies by +/- 1.3 degrees.

    Now with all that said, what about hens? I know that hens have to have a body temperature over 80 something degrees before they will lay. But what about their temperature when they set on a nest?

    I was thinking about this because my incubator varies from 99.3 to 100.2 degrees. How different is that from a hen? How will it affect the hatch rate? Are all hen's body temperature constant?

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    I know hens get up off their eggs from time to time, to eat drink & eliminate waste. So that would affect temps as well. And do chicks hatch out earlier in AZ and other southwestern states than they do in northern states like MN or VT where it's cooler?

    My temp is normally 97.5, so I have a hard time getting doctors to take me seriously when I KNOW I have a sinus infection. A low grade fever for me is barely over 'normal' in their eyes [​IMG]

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