99.9% done!


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Poynette, WI
Well, here is my girl's new home. I just have some minor work, like final paint, weatherizing, some trim, sand and some fencing. They've been in it since Easter and just love it!
This is the back, facing the west. I have access to the nesting boxes as well as feed tray.
here is the main access for cleaning it out.
here is the inside view.
here is a view with the run, facing east
Here is another veiw of the coop and run. The run is 8'X13', ventilation runs along the length of the front and back.
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Uh, oh. Is that chicken wire I see on the window to the coop? Do you know that chicken wire won't keep a predator (like a raccoon, for example) out? Better to replace the chicken wire with welded wire which is stronger and more secure.
Thanks Elmo,
right now I secure that window nightly. That was one of the tweaks I need to finish up, along with beefing up my pop door security. Luckily I don't have much of a predator problem, other than the threat of hawks. My dogs do a good job patrolling. I don't even have problems with animals getting into my trash.
thats great

and the chicken wire should be replaced if your in an area with coons,mink,weasel,possum, and stuff like that but I fount it works great for my run beings I only have coyote and they have to go over 2 chain link fences to get to my run and then they'd have to get past my dogs during the day or try and get into the coop at night LOL and the coops rite next to my room and then they would have to get past my gun and I actually haven't seen a coyote in a few months (knock on wood) im kinda glad they are the only predator id have to deal with aside hawks lol

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