9mo old pullet unable to use 1 leg below the hock.


7 Years
May 17, 2012
Benzie, MI
Sometime yesterday afternoon, my 9mo old BLRW pullet injured (or something) her leg.

She was fine in the morning, and not fine at 4pm. She has no feeling/motor skill from her hock down in one leg. Her toes are 'loose' as in she cannot flex or curl them, as is the lower leg section. She hops around on the other leg quite well (managed to get up the ramp into the coop and up onto the highest roost bar at bedtime last night) and pull the 'injured' leg up as best she can.

She is eating/drinking/pooping normally. I looked her legs over last night and didn't notice any swelling or bruising. Her affected leg is a bit scraped at the hock, but I can only assume that is from it dragging along the ground for a few hours last night. She is currently in a dog crate in the coop to limit her movements.

No other symptoms that I can see are present. No nasal or ocular discharge, weird breathing, twitching, loss of balance, or any other big red flags. Everyone in all of my coops (40+ birds) eats the same feed so I don't *think* it's a nutritional deficiency as no one else has it.

I was looking up slipped tendons last night but it seems that is generally a chick thing and I couldn't really find ANYTHING with a decent answer/pics for adult birds.

I'm trying to get a vid off my phone into youtube, but I would appreciate any suggestions for trying to FIX this problem. I know how to cull should her health deteriorate.
Aw :( I had a similar experience but no advice unfortunately. I had a hen like that but she recovered after a day or two. She'd jumped down from the high roost and hit something on the way down. She was lucky. But short of waiting to see what happens and possibly culling, I have nothing.
Wow, that stinks....it's really floppy.

Don't what to tell ya, 'cept sorry it happened, and hope she just tweaked it and it heals up.
My girl had a similar injury that was caused by a bigger and very excited rooster. It took nearly a two weeks of not moving and another week of limping before she was back to normal. I'm not sure if that is a possibility for your girl.
End result: culled. We restricted her to a small pet crate for a few days, and while she APPEARED to have improved, any "improvements" disappeared within 24 hours of normal usage. She could still get around on the one leg, but spend a LOT of time laying in the dust-bath 'hole.' I took a look at things in her legs after we culled her and her hip was an absolute mess. Broken/dislocated.
That's too bad......in the end you discovered it was the right decision.
Wonder how she shattered her hip?
Their coop is about 2.5 feet off the ground, and if she decided to bypass the ramp to get out, she may have just landed awkwardly. I'm sure gimping around on it for a week didn't help things.

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