A bird's eye view.


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Chapter one, The hatching

As soon as my beak broke the egg, I knew. She was near; I didn’t know who she was or even what she was. I just knew that she was important and she was near. After pondering her existence I turned my attention to the situation at hand, getting out of this darn shell.
The light was blinding, I needed sunglasses. I tried to scream to this girl, to call her near. I tried “Who are …” My voice broke off. My eyes adjusted to the bright light and I marveled at the sight before me. Despite my training I couldn’t help but stare. An older chick chuckled at my awe. “Are you new son?” he asked. “Yes sir” I didn’t bother to care that he called me son . “Can you help me?” I asked him, “Well now, I don’t know. What do you need?” he replied in a mellow voice. “I feel a girl near…” I paused “I need to find her”. He marveled at me. At once he began screaming orders to the other keepers.
We are not chickens, not inside anyway. We are souls, just random souls. We were trained to protect the humans and to blend in with the other mindless animals while using our magic to better their life. Sometimes we were put into other animals, mostly chickens. But that was irrelevant. Ben, the older keeper, had gathered the others and they were staring at me.
“What?” I asked. “You’re… you’re bonded” He ogled at me. “What?!?” I exclaimed “that can’t be!” I protested. A keeper bonding to a human was very, very rare. And I just wanted to rest. Oh well, there goes that idea. “But... but, how?” I rambled “first timers never bond.” There were only 15 bonded keepers. Well 16 now. I felt a rush of excitement that wasn’t mine. And before I could get up on my new feet, there was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen looking at me.
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Chapter two, price tags

Her eyes where amazing. They were a deep jade green. Her perfect red hair fell just below her collar bone. And her head hung over the large glass window of the incubator. She looked up to a young man. “I would like that one” she said pointing to me “the little one with the fluff on his feet” I looked down, Sure enough, there was a fair amount of fluff on my feet “sorry, that one’s not for sale” the boy said with a laid back draw. “I’ll give you three times as much as the owner is paying” she exclaimed, worry in her eyes. The boy appeared lost in thought. He counted on his fingers. He clearly wasn’t good at math. “That’ll be fifteen dollars kid” he said though she looked like she couldn’t be but a year or so younger than him. She pulled out a worn old wallet and snapped out a fifty “Here, keep the change” she said turning back to the incubator.
Chapter three, Extraction

The tractor supply worker stared in awe. What kind of a loon would give fifty bucks for a chicken? He debated weather to call the cops or not. “naw” he muttered “They might make me give back me change” He didn’t know how much he had there in change, but he knew it was more than the few measly tips he got. He turned to grab a cardboard chick box from the shelf behind him. “Oh no” said the girl “I’ll carry him” she whispered leaning over the window again. “Can I take him out?” She asked. “sure, sure” the teen muttered “well I guess I’d let anyone who’s a’givin me a mighty large tip pick up a chick” He muttered under his breath. Meanwhile The beautiful red head was gently lifting the lid of the incubator. I cheeped and ran over to her hopping into her hand. I think she gasped. But I was busy nagging about a ’cheep’ being such an un-manly noise to notice.
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