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    But since this is the "puttin' stuff together" part of the forum, I figure its a good place to ask

    My cat thinks my new organic vegetable garden is the world's biggest and most luxurious litter box. Its REALLY making me angry.

    Do they make some kind of deterrent or sound emitting thing or something that could help with this? Or Am I stuck with building a fence ( I can't really see this working either, he' s a sly siamese)

    Sorry its about a cat and not a chicken.

    Stupid stupid cat.


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    Sep 2, 2007
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    When I plant me new seedlings I put a trellis over them, they are in a rasied bed so the trellis just sits on the raised bed. This way the cats stay out and the trellis give the little suport.
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    This is a great topic for you to take to
    TheEasyGarden Forum, btw.

    Blood meal works good for a cat repellent. It smells really bad and is a very strong fertilizer so use sparingly. Luckily only one application should work.

    Coyote, dog or wolf urine. Now don't try collecting this yourself. But some garden suppliers sell this. It helps ward of tons of animals and it comes in a handy spray applicator. Seriously.

    Marigolds. Plant them around your garden. Cats hate them and so do most pests. They look good and (I think) they smell great.

    Visit TheEasyGarden Forum and browse. There are some great gardening tips over there.
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    Quote:ha ha ha this is a funny thought. could you imagine?
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    Quote:ha ha ha this is a funny thought. could you imagine?

    Well what they sell in the stores is mostly a synthetic.

    But, I'm sure someone, sometime had to try it.
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    Doesn't sound like you like your cat very much. THEY CAN TELL!

    (e.g. using the garden as a litter box is not stupidity...it's very logical from a cat's standpoint - nice soft ground.....good digging)
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    Row covers are good until the plants are bigger. Cats have been doing this in gardens since time began and I don't think anyone has died from it yet....free manure and aeration? I'll take it! [​IMG]

    I don't mind the cat, he does so little damage. The dogs, on the other hand, find my straw mulch makes a nice and cozy bed! Can potatoes and corn grow up through dog flesh??? Anyone? [​IMG]
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    My cats were using the middle of the strawberry patch for their litter box!!! After catching them in the act and scolding them a few times looking straight in their eyes and yelling "NO" I haven't found a new pile in about a month. A pile of left overs next to a big red berry is not my idea of a good berry...
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    One of my dogs eats the cat droppings and both of them eat the chicken droppings! They go to the extreme edge of the orchard to leave their own, so I have virtually no stinkies in the yard or garden!!

    Have been trying very hard to teach dogs not to lick me in the face....... [​IMG] [​IMG]

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