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    Hoping this is the right place to put this...
    Does anyone know of any good sellers of silkie and serama hatching eggs?
    I would like to buy from people who sell eggs from quality stock, pack the eggs with care before shipping, and have a good sized happy customer base that has had high successful hatch rates.

    I'd like to get a wide variety of colors for silkies and a wide variety of colors and feather types for serama's (Smooth feather, frizzled, silkied)

    I've been eying this incubator http://www.ebay.com/itm/Egg-Incubat...245?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item234aec47e5
    I like the features it offers, like the auto turner. But the question is is this a good one too buy?

    3. In some ad's for this incubator it states 48 eggs could fit inside, but in some ad's (For the same incubator) it says you could fit 100+ quail eggs inside because they are smaller.
    So my question is since serama and quail eggs are about the same sizes would I be able to fit more than 48 serama eggs inside?
    What about silkie eggs? Can I also fit more than 48 silkie eggs inside?
    I'd like to have a chance at a higher hatch rate, so the more eggs fitting the better I suppose! I have people who'd buy some of the chicks from me if I end up with a good hatch. So I wouldn't have to worry about to many chickens. But by the time I start this project I will be living on a ranch with plenty of room for lots of chickens haha!

    Any other tips for buying hatching eggs online and hatching them?
    I've hatched eggs before but that was a long time ago. All I can really remember is how to candle eggs and how to tell fertile from none fertile. xP

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    Check out Ronzone55 on ebay for Serama eggs- I had a great hatch from them with silkied and straight feather and 7 different colors.

    I am not familiar with the incubator you linked to. I use a Hovabator and a Brinsea successfully.

    Since Serama eggs are small and on average, are about Coturnix quail sized eggs I'd say you'll be able to fit the amount in or close to what the seller says for quail eggs.

    Good luck on your hatching!

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