A cure for a cold and lonely chicken


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9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
Dillsburg, PA
The lowest chicken in the pecking order of my little flock has been banished to her own end of the roost by the other 3 hens. They will not allow her to snuggle with them at night and it has been getting cold here. I recently bought her a friend for 50 cents at the local second hand store. I attached this friend with staples to the roost and the wall of the coop. And yes, she does snuggle up to her friend at night. I like to think that my lonely chicken is now warmer and happier.

I think that was a wonderful idea. You are a wonderful chicken Mom. I will keep this in mind for the future.
I have the same exact situation--my girls are so mean to my faverolles and chase her to the far end of the roost. I think I'm going to find her a little friend, too!
Great idea!

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