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8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
Has anyone heard about the pit bull who drug it's owner off of of some train tracks?

It was on the news today. The owner apparently collapsed on the tracks and the dog pulled her to safety but was injured when the train hit it's back legs. The dog survived and is in the animal hospital right now.

Does anyone have any more details? It's a touching story and I wouldn't mind learning more.
I don't know that story but here's a similar one.

A friend of mine had drunk rather too much beer whilst watching Premier League football at his wife's mini-mart late one night. Some lads helped him home around the corner and, using the remote control in his pocket, got him through the powered gate and closed it after him. There are two Rottweilers that are allowed to roam the garden at night. My friend was found by his wife the next morning asleep on the front porch with lacerations to his ears. It seems that the dogs had dragged him by his ears from the gate to the porch.

I read about this a few days back. It's amazing the intuition some animals have. My old dog always knew when something wasn't right with me.. like if I would come home after a night of drinking and I had one too many. He'd treat me like an upset girlfriend, didn't want anything to do with me. I really hope the dog, Lilly, recovers.. it sounds like she should. I have a feeling Lilly will be getting lots of dog treats in the coming weeks.

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