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    I have looked, and have not seen any thing to answer this question. I hope I put it in the right catagory.

    Since I am operating on a shoe string budget here....

    1) can I heat a large closet instead of a whole room (to keep a constant temperature) to put my incubator in ?

    2) Can I run a machine that purifies air in the closet while the incubator is doing it's thing ?

    The reason I ask these questions is.... My boyfriend is a liver transplant recipient. He cannot be around my chickens or any other birds.

    The closet is in the other end of the house, and it is pretty good sized. It is the only thing I can think of to do. I thought if I closed the closet door and ran the air purifier it would help. I can also close the bedroom door. This would put two doors and the air purifier between the incubator/chicks and Mike.

    I can brood the chicks in the shed after they come out of the incubator. I have a wooden brooder that has a door on it to allow the chicks into a wire bottomed run when they are old enough. It is definitely predator proof.

    As much as I love to care for chicks, I cannot have them if they will interfere with Mike's health. And I will not try to hatch them in the shed, that would be endangering the chicks health and well being.

    What do you guys think ?
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    Well, what is your boyfriend going to do once they hatch and you have them out in the yard or even in a coop? (I'm sorry to be repetative if you've gotten all this figured out, but I didn't see another post on it by you.)

    I think I would determine how important the boyfriend is compared to chickens, and choose one or the other.

    Sorry - probably not what you wanted to hear.

    To answer the original questions -

    You probably could heat the closet, but, most of the air purifiers I've seen blow out cold air (as they cycle) and in an enclosed area, it'll cause cold spots - harder to heat with that going. In a space that small you will probably end up with hot towards the ceiling, and cold at floor level.

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