A few noob questions about my burds * pics now included ;)

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My first post, I love the info I have been getting from these forums. Now i have my own issues. Its my first post and my first raising chickens. So I was gifted these two older birds, they are great. We added 3 new lil chix that were donated by our neighbors school. Was told all female. well i think we are into the 3rd or 4th month and I am so confused as to what sex they really are. There is one that is golden and much bigger and I swear has tried to Crow a few times. But this bird also clucks kinda, like my established egg layers do. However he/she is def established its self as a presence in the coop, stands tall, puffed up , wings a part to look bigger, huge yellow feet, and the biggest brightest Comb and Waddle.

So, as you know, when you ruff up the hens a bit, it kinda makes them think a rooster is giving them some love and after they do a lil Hen House Shuffle for you. Well i have also had this bird in question respond in a similar way that my hens do. So what i thought was a Rooster is now acting like a hen and confusing me more.

IF things get going here on this threat i Will for sure get some photos up for you to inspect. maybe ill put my whole chicken coop up at one point so you guys can critique and grill me on what I am doing wrong. (TL;DR) For now My question is would a cockerel do these kinds of things? fluffing the neck up after i scruff it up some, or cluck and sound like my laying hens? I also couldnt say what kinda of chickens any of these are. So them being different Breeds is not making this very easy.

Tyvm for your help. Pics to come. Thank you for having me on BYC I look forward to learning more about my ladies....err maybe one rooster too....a big maybe.
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Are they squatting for you? Hens and Roos make alot of the same noises and have some similiar mannerisms, but I have never had a roo squat for me.
Yes, pictures would help.
Need pics to tell sex. But rooster will cluck too, and unless they hatched out an auto sexing breed there is no way they could of told that they were pullets as day old chicks, unless they are or were someone that sexed chicks. And even the hatcheries only have a 90% sexing gurantee.
ok tommoro i will get you some pics i promise since you guys were nice enuff to respond.

Are they squatting for me?
The 2 older hens that i have will squat for me sometimes if I am close to them. one more so than the other but none the less a definite squat. the other 3 are about 3-4 mos now and wont squat if I am close but if I push a little i can get them into the position on my own and then get their neck feathers to fluff out and then thats when I think i have got this cockerel? to do the shuffle. But i really keep thinking i can hear an attempted crow. At first it was in response to my Fiance playing around and making noises. anyway pics tommoro and you guys can check it out.
and yes i was told they were sexxed at a local feed store here. none of this done personally by me so I am not 100% on that info. esp with the things I am learning about roos.

This is all 3 of the new chicks, about 3-4 mos old now i think. The breed wasn't told to me. I'm sure you guys will know. The golden one in the front is 'Nugget' he/she is the one i'm not sure of.

another shot of Nugget puffing up. Is way more brave than his other nest mates and the other two black ones are always close to Nugget.

the black one on the left is 'Lady Bird' she has been a solid egg producer for some time now. never an issue. As u can see Nugget is a good site bigger than her.

Nugget in the usual pose. ferocious!

Here is all 5 of my flock. the Easter egger on the right is Pikachiken and then Lady Bird ( black one ) are the resident old ladies around here. the other 3 are the noobies.

So what do you all think now that you have seen pictures. I was just refilling their water and as i was bringing the water dish back over to the cage i heard an odd screech come from Nugget. Not a cluck, and nothing like the sound of the other hens. So what am i Working with here?

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