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    Sep 26, 2013
    I'm new to Seramas and have 2 males and 2 females. They're just the cutest things! One of the males is almost full grown. The other three are halfway there I'd guess. I've kept them in my laundry room but I think they're old enough to go outside. I have plenty of full size and a few bantys running around. What I usually do with my pullets when they're ready to take the leap, is put them in an enclosure in the coop and one outside for them to be in during the day. It usually only takes 2 or 3 weeks for them to learn where things are and they can be left to free range. Would this be okay for Seramas?

    Also, I'd like to have them be pets (the outdoor kind) than just chickens running around the yard. How do I teach them to come to me when they're outside or should I just get used to the fact that they're going to be skittish little things roaming around the yard. I really adore a couple of them. Mostly, I want them to be happy little guys and gals so the "best friend" part won't break my heart.

    Will they naturally breed with each other or do you usually separate them during breeding season?


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