A fix to stop dogs from eating chicken poo?


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
There are multiple products on the market that deter a dog from eating its own poop. I am wondering if these would be safe to give to our chickens. In hopes of stopping our dogs from chowing down.

Potty Mouth

Those are a few of the brand names on the market to help prevent, and most say they are made from a purified protein powder.

I'll give our vet a visit to ask soon, just wondering if anybody on here would know as we'll.
i put some chickens in a 1 meter square chicken mesh pen .set some electric fence string 20 cm off it at 20cm spacing turned on the fence. the dog ran at the chooks got zapped associated that experience with the chickens and now gives them a wide berth.dogs hate nothing more.one shock 5 years ago fixed a chook a day killing dog .easy.
Waiting for a phone back from our vets. I'll post findings when I hear from them.

Checking into the pineapple tablets thing too, would be awesome if its that simple.
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Good luck. I just have to keep my dog away. Anything under 15lb is food. (cats, small dogs, chickens)

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