A flock without a roo?

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    I had a roo, he was killed and I do have a 2 day old roo that has some growing to do b4 taking over the flock. I know a hen will take the job over and Marylyn has and is doing a great job. I am wondering if the hen who took over for the roo will lay after the new roo is introduced? I am tempted to buy a full grown roo to put with the flock now but I don't want to possibly introduce illness into my flock if my hen roo will lay after my roo is old enough.

    How many times can I say roo. [​IMG]

    Eta, I forgot to mention I just lost my roo 2weeks ago and my pullets are 3months old so none of them are laying yet. Marylyn keeps watch and puts them to bed right now. The 2 day old roo won't be mature until feb and I expect my girls to start laying sometime in Jan.
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    Any time there is a change in the stress level of the flock, it can affect hen's laying. Can, not always will. That could be introducing a new chicken, whether hen or rooster, or a change in flock dominance or pecking order. And it is usually very temporary.

    When that young rooster takes over, it may affect that hen's laying for a while, but I really think it is not something you should worry about. You probably won't notice a difference.
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    Quote:Agreed! I probably wouldn't worry about it since you have a young roo. Your ladies will have a top hen for awhile until your little roo is able to takeover. I don't like going out and getting a new roo, unless you know where it's coming from. I'd be nervous about introducing illness, too. If you had no roo at all, then I'd go out and get one. Since you do have one, I'd just wait. Best wishes!
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    If you get another roo now, you will have one too many roos in the future.

    And I am sorry for your original roo.[​IMG]
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    Quote:Meant to say that, too! I always like having a roo around, but never two! If I accidentally end up with a roo (I buy pullets and sometimes there is a surprise), I always end up giving the young roo away.

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