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9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
I've always wanted a bird since I was little, and this little thing was cruising around in my backyard...

I got em cornered, didn't try to fly away or anything. Heck, it barely even moved when I scooped it up.

Eats darn near anything, bread, cornmeal, bugs, roaches, seeds, grass...lol

What is it?

I'm part of many forums, and now I found this one to add to my list
My first thought when looking at the bird is that it reminds me of my black rosecombs, but the comb is wrong. Same face and look though. Maybe a mix??

Cute friend though.

Welcome to BYC
That pullet has a single comb.

Expect it to lay eggs for you in a couple weeks though.


Second - It looks like a gamefowl of some sort. . . Sure is a pretty little girl though.
So I've been doing tons of reading, as I always do with any kind of hobby I get interested in...

This whole chicken thing looks mighty interesting.

Too bad Sarasota Fl doesnt approve of it....

If I get a couple more and call them pets, it shouldn't be a problem I'd think....

SO, question time:caf

Are there any small reliable incubators for say 1-5 eggs that roll automatically?
I work a full time job, and I know the full size ones I've been reading about is a bit much for what I want/need.
I have enough space in my room for one, I have a full size work bench I can share space for my other hobbies.

I have a place called Stockyard that deals with feed for all sorts of stuff, I'm sure I can get chicken feed of all ages for them there I'd think.

Do chickens naturally keep to their home area? Or do I need a roof of some sort on their wandering space...I guess it's called a "run"

How long are the average lifespans? How long do you think this bird of mine has left?


( i like this smily, i just wanna use it )

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