A great big giant HELP needed here!


8 Years
Jul 20, 2012
Lancaster Ohio
mixed my flock last night. Went by the steps in the learning center page. I can't take it. How much pecking order is to much? So far they are just chasing them around the run and won't let them eat. My bigs are getting a feather ever once in a while. But I think my chicks might have started molting I have been seeing feathers in the brooder and in their run. I left them out there I hope they are all ok. Should I remove them or just leave them to work their way in.
Did you have the young ones in the coop/run with the flock but divided by a fence before? If so and they are still being prevented from eating and drinking, you might try adding another feeder and waterer. Sometimes just one is the main instagater and if, you remove that one the others left will calm down. If you see any blood on one of the new addtions it has to be pulled or all of them will pick on it and can kill it. Just watch very closely.
Yes for the last month I have been putting the brooder in and out of the coop, I have been placing the chicks in a separate run next to my big girls. So far it is just mostly pecking and penning them all in a corner. But I noticed if they lay still they don't peck at them. I just feel so sorry for my chicks! They are 8 weeks old today and my big girls are 7 months old.
It's always better to wait until they are closer in size so, the young ones can defend themselves. 8 wks to 7 months is a big difference. Chicks can get sick when to stressed so, keep a close eye on them. You might want to put chicks back in brooder in the evening for awhile so they can eat and drink in peace. Good Luck.
In the learning center it said to put them in when they are 2 months old. That was the perfect age. The chicks are about half the size of my big girls.

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