A Hard Lesson Finally Learned....


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Mar 19, 2007
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I hope....

Rule # 1 - Don't venture out to the grocery store when it's 70 degrees out on Saturday early March.....EVERYONE comes out of the woodwork, including wack jobs - no offense, I'm a wack job myself in some ways, but OMG driving there and parking was fine, but then you enter the ZONE.... (said Grocery Store) Every Isle I went down I kept bumping into this woman that likes to talk to everyone and no one about ANYTHING...I just ignored her and went on.

Later when we (hubby & I) were ready for checkout, I picked a short line there was an older guy with his cart ahead of me, no problem....I'm loading my stuff on the counter when "Mrs" shows up, yes the woman I kept bumping into! She kept checking out my order and asking non stop about what we were buying and how did I like it and how she could earn points on this and that , & did I know I could save some money if I did this or that?????, so I ignored her - I have my own bags to put groceries in and was busy with that & her hubby was on his way out but she wouldn't move! She kept jabbering on.. My stuff is huddling up on the end of the counter and I literally had to nudge her with my cart to get her a$$ out of the way.

I couldn't wait to get home and be with my little environment, away from it all.
I feel your pain! I hate having to go to Lowe's or TS on the weekends. DH and I are on a mission. In and out! 100# of chicken feed, wood shavings and calcium chips. People who hang out in the middle of the aisle to talk about what so and so wore to church, and should so and so being wearing that outfit AFTER church. Usually spoken by a hooge woman wearing a 3 size too small tasmanian devil cartoon and/or winnie the pooh t shirt that rightfully belongs to a 10 year old kid.

That's my rant for the day!
i will only go out to the store monday through friday...8am - noon.... cause the wack jobs are not there

or i will go to the 24 hr grocery store at like 3 am cause there is no one else in the store...

wait if i am grocery shopping at 3am...does that make me a wack job?
I don't go to the grocerie store after 9am. If I can't make it by then, I will wait till the next day to go. I find that few people are there and less hassle.

Although, today I did get a little sidetracked by going to get hay first. At the grocery store, ran into a very nice lady asking me where I bought my hay from. Guess what, she has chickens too!

But as a rule, I refuse to go after 9am.
This would be the reason I only go out when absolutely necessary and then only to the swaps. no abnormal whack- a- doos there.
When I do go out in public( stores etc) I have to be medicated, PTSD makes me not a nice person around so many rude people.
Nothing sets me off faster than some inconciderate person slamming me in the back to get something off a shelf before I have a chance to move, or runs my heels in their rush to get done.

or pinch one of the kids with their carts as they try to squeeze by my carrage, even though its so far against the shelves that you couldnt slip a paper between them.

I could go on and on.
but at least with chcken swaps its wide open fresh air and no rude people.
No! If you're just shopping and not BOTHERING anyone you're a fine shopper! No one is seeing you at 3 am anyway!
except for those little cameras in the ceilings......
If I am the one who has to go grocery shopping, I go on a Saturday before 8 a.m.

No one is awake and thinking shopping at that time....makes it quick, easy and painless.
What I love about days like that is when you run into people talking on their cell phones using bluetooth, they look like they are talking to themselves.

I've almost gotten used to seeing that now, so I don't think twice about it and assume that these people carrying on these one sided conversations are on their phones.

I was behind a woman in a checkout line the other day and she was all into her conversation for several minutes when i dawned on me that she was carrying on both sides of the conversation.

Then she turned around and you could plainly see that she did't have a cell phone!
No! If you're just shopping and not BOTHERING anyone you're a fine shopper! No one is seeing you at 3 am anyway!
except for those little cameras in the ceilings......

I forgot to add that I am usually in my PJ's....lol flannel pants and a t-shirt... with pink fuzzy crocs...lol...now theres a mental image for ya

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