Ended A Haunter Run A'fowl Halloween Photo Contest - Win A Free Feeder Kit


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A Haunter Run A'fowl Picture Contest

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Show us how you and your poultrygeists celebrate Halloween and you can win one of THREE PestOff Rat & Pest Proof Poultry Feeders proudly sponsored by Home2Yard.

PestOff Chicken rat proof.jpg

How to enter and contest rules:

- Let your imagination run wild! Decorate some eggs, or the chicken coop/run, or create a Halloween costume for your bird(s) **Photoshopped entries will be accepted for the poultry costumes** Anything Halloween and poultry related will be considered, but please note: It has to include poultry, eggs, or poultry housing/equipment!!!

- Reply to this thread with a pic (or two, or three) of your entry.

- Only one entry per member will be accepted.

- A panel of judges will pick the three best entries and the winners (3) will each receive a PestOff Chicken Feeder - Rat & Pest Proof Poultry Feeder sponsored by Home2Yard!
- Entries close at midnight on the 1st of November (The day after Halloween)

Prize Details:

PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder Kit

· VERMIN PROOF - Not just 100% Rat proof poultry feeder, also mouse & large bird proof. HYGENIC & NO MORE NEED FOR RAT POISON

· NO SETTINGS TO ADJUST - AUTOMATICALLY PEST PROOF - INDIVIDUALLY spring loaded feeding ports only let chickens feed not pests. Patent pending.

· LARGE CAPACITY OF 4LTS / 8.00LBS - WEATHER PROOF - so no feed clogging & no need for constant refilling - Ideal for 4 to 6 hens per feeder. Great for feeding layers pellets, crumbles or mixed corn. Made from food grade materials and non rust stainless steel.

· HYGENIC & NO MORE NEED FOR RAT POISON - Unique anti spill design means LESS FOOD WASTAGE. The Unique design also minimizes raking and thrashing action and also means NO VERMIN defecation in the food that can cause disease & potential flock wipeouts.

· EASY TO CLEAN & EASY TO FILL - ANTI-SPILL DESIGN - Comes with carry handle, a metal hanging bracket and screws, 40cm / 15.7 inch long non rust stainless steel chain and hanging hook for easy hanging. PestOff Feeder Guarantee Included - SAVES you money as NO WASTE and only the Chickens feed, not the hungry pests! If you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back in full.

Entries close at midnight on the 1st of November (The day after Halloween)
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