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7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
I was given a duckling a few weeks ago. She is probably about 6 weeks now. We have 8 chickens, so the person who gave me this duckling thought I'd know what to do, but I've never had a duck before. Lots to learn! Things are going great, and she (he?) is getting used to hanging out during the day with our chickens. At night we have a brooding area where she has been sleeping. She is quickly getting too big for that area and will soon need to join the chickens full time.

I am am wondering if it is OK if she sleeps in with the chickens in their nesting area, or if it is better for the duck to have its own space at night.

Thanks for any help for this newbie duck owner (I love this duck btw)

It is a steep learning curve with ducks, but you can do it!

If you haven't already, check out the stickies. They summarize much of what we tell new duck folks.

I don't have chickens so my answer is from reading the forum. They can coexist, ducks seem to do better with at least one other duck friend, things seem to go better with separate waterers for ducks and chickens. Ducks must be able to wash their whole head frequently to avoid infections. I also prefer at least a 2 inch deep feed pan, thinking I want to get a deeper one, so I don't know if a chicken feeder would be optimal for the duck.

The duck needs water at all times when there is food available. I give my flock water and food 24/7. I have a watering station that manages splash. A stew pot works nicely as an indoor water bucket.
Having ducks and no chickens, take my advice for what it's worth... My Ducks seem to have complex social lives! I can't imagine any of them being without their buddies, even the one that tries to follow me in the house. I think the advice above is spot-on, your duck will probly be happier with at least one other duck. You may find a singleton on CraigsList or perhaps Amiga can point you in the right direction, she knows her stuff! My only other thoughts would be that the chick feeding/watering equipment that I started with when my ducks were tiny was very quickly outgrown... Meaning my ducks will go thru 1 gal of water in no time, plus the size of their bills just doesnt match the narrowness of the chicken equipment that I had. Good luck to you, the duck in your pic is so cute!
I agree with what HollyDuckFarmer said, I can't imagine having only one duck and not the other! Craigslist is a great place to look for lonely ducks that need a new home, just make sure the duck will be a perfect second-half for yours. If we had our runners and our campbells at the same time... WWIII would have broken out.
I have ducks and chickens in the same house. They are by no means friends but they do tolerate each other. Your best bet may be another duck but if your duckling bonds to the chickens, it may do okay. The biggest problem you may find is if you have a drake. Drakes will try to breed chickens, especially if there are no other or not enough female ducks available. This can be dangerous or deadly to the chickens as they are not anatomically compatible.
If you choose to get another duck, I would strongly advise that you are sure it is female. That way if your duckling is male, it will have a mate and if it is female it will have a buddy.
Good luck, do read the stickies at the top of the duck forum as raising them is similar to chicks but there are crucial differences.

She should be able to get along fine with the chickens. Like Amiga said, another ducky friend would probably be nice for her, unless you want her to act like a chicken! That would be a hilarious duck!
I have a friend that has a duck that DOES act like a chickens. It's a male duck and it trys to mate with the chickens.

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