A little about me...


Aug 13, 2019
Hi! I live just north of San Francisco and have had chickens for about 3 years. Currently I have 3, Hilda, Betty and Stella. I think they are a Barred Rock, an Ameraucana and a little Silkie. I love them for their eggs as well as their charming (and often demanding) personalities. Our backyard is my favorite room in the house. We grow most of our own produce, eat, entertain and sometimes even sleep out there.
I'm a horticulturist by profession and have a side business that requires me to kayak to remote beaches in the San Francisco bay. I am also a salmon fisherwoman, hiker and bicyclist. I just celebrated 29 years of being married to the same great guy. We have two amazing grown-up kids in their 20's.
I've known about BYC for a couple of years and am really happy that I finally joined. I know I will learn a lot here and hope that I can be of help to other members, too.


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