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    Jan 24, 2015
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    I have 17 duck eggs and 24 buff eggs in my incubator. I just put the buff eggs in last night to ensure all the eggs would be hatching around the same time. It is day 8 for my duck eggs and I woke up this morning to my incubator temp at 108. It was 102 before bed but I added some water to increase humidity. I have gotten Temps back down to 102 but am worried about what the high Temps did overnight. should I wait to candle eggs all together at same time or do I need to check my duck eggs right away? Thanks
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    Wow. 108 is deadly. I have heard that even 104-106 can kill embryos. In my opinion even 102 is high, I usually don't let my incubator get over 100 degrees. My advice to you is wait a couple of days and candle them then, if the embryos are alive, you would see the veiny web and the body (reddish). If you see black, then probably is not good news at that stage of the game. No warranties either way. They may have survived, but surely is very high by any standard. I wish you good outcome. Things like this can happen to anyone. Good luck!
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    Also you may see clear eggs...

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