a little help please (temp/hum)p.s. first-timer

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    i have a little giant 9200 it has a fan in it with egg turner i am woundering about the temp and the humidity i put water in the trays on the bottom I pluged it in and let it sit there it has been about 4 hours and the temp is been 101.5 and the humidity has been at 40* it has been this was for about 2 hour and has not changed sence. what is the best temp and humidity and do i need a wigler or what ever it is called and if yes were does it go i have heard in the water but dont know i hpoe to put my first set in the bator tomorrow (16 chicken eggs) any help would be great thanks kim
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    A water wiggler simulates an egg core. By placing one at egg height and monitoring temp inside the wiggler you can tell what the constant egg core temp is, rather than the flucuations in the air inside the bator.

    Temp for a forced air bator should be 99.5, humidity for the first 18 days should be 40-50 percent.

    On day 18 humidity should be raised to 70 percent.
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    If it has a fan temp should be 99.5 to 99.8, your humidity is fine but I dont add water till it drops to 25 then only enough to bring it back to the original. the eggs need to evaporate moisture from inside the first eighteen days then for the last three days stop turning eggs and put in hatcher and raise humidity to about 57 not higher then 60 ; dont open bator after you put them in to hatch until day 24.
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    Having a hatcher is nice, but you don't have to have one. You can hatch right in the bator.
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