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Jul 19, 2021
So, my NR360 is great! But.. Im fixing to sell the chicken eggs that have been in the incubator for 5 days.. I this a good idea? I was gonna drive for about 10 mins to give them to the person. You think the will still survive out of the incubator for 10 mins? I might run warm air on them until I get to them. The only reason I am selling them because I need to hatch some Muscovy duck eggs before they go bad. We only have one incubator, but I don't wanna get another! Also, I need some help with putting 35 days on my incubator. Is this possible? I don't know how to even add days because I tried like the instructions said an it won't work. It only goes for those 21 days. Sorry this is so long, just need some help!


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Are you selling them as balut eggs? I can't imagine anyone willing to buy eggs that have been incubated for 5 days for any other reason.
If you find someone willing to buy them, just wrap the eggs together and they'll easily go 10 minutes out of an incubator. Wrapping in plastic first will keep moisture in.

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