A little rant about DD

key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
So this past summer DD and her hubby were heading for a divorce. He kicked her out, told her the baby wasnt his, yadda yadda yadda. DH and I welcomed her and baby into our home, asking for nothing but to help keep everything picked up. BTW, she failed miserably at that. Shes 23. She and hubby worked things out and now hes in Arkansas, starting a new job. It will take him a month or 2 to get enough money for rent and stuff for an apartment, so she and baby are still here. Well, shes had her panties in a wad for months, and Im just about at the end of my rope. She has definitely worn out her welcome. Her hubby has her car out in Arkansas, so shes stuck here at the house unless I drive her somewhere. I was putting a roast in the crock pot just now, and 1 of my dogs got in her way while she was in the kitchen talking to me. She grabbed my dogs collar, and started yelling at the dog and dragging it out the back door. Well the dog growled and snapped at her. Totally out of character for this dog. So DD yelled at me, told me that MY dog that lives here in MY house, is no longer allowed inside. Shes now afraid the dog will snap at the baby. I told her that she was a guest in MY house, and the dog would be back inside tonight for bedtime. She said oh no it wont. I said yes it will. Then DD said well we wont be here then. I said fine, whatever. She has no where to go so I dont know what she gonna do. But this is my house, my rules. If shes worried about the dog, then its her responsibility to keep her child safe. For the record, this dog loves the child, licks it in the face and lets the baby pull all over her. The dog got upset with DD when DD grabbed, yelled and pulled on her. Im so over her being here, I want my boring life back. DD brings to much drama to my life...
So sorry you have to deal with all that extra commotion

I don't want to offend but DD was waaaay out of line with YOUR dog. Dogs get in the way, that's what they do. But a humane person should NEVER drag them by the collar and scream in their face. And to expect no reaction at all is ridiculous! IMO, that's borderline abuse. My dog is right in love with me but I wouldn't blame him at all for doing the same thing if I ever treated him that way. It sounds like DD is trying to take over your home and control everyone in it and that's just not right. I feel bad for the poor baby but unfortunately DD had got to go.
Remember when you thought that once they turned 18 and were out on their own you could quit worrying about them and your life would be so much easier? It never ends, no matter how old they get. It's a drama for the rest of your life!!!!
Yep, shes trying to rule MY roost. Not gonna happen. Like I said, and told her, shes a guest in MY house. My house, My rules. Shes holed herself up in her bedroom since it happened. Probably wont come out until she needs me to help her with something. I know my dogs can be annoying, but they are mine, and belong in my house.
Thats a shame, she has no respect for you. You allowed her and the baby to live with you. I hope she does things like clean up around the house. That dog does belong back in your house. After all she is a guest. I dont know what dd stands for? i am guessing darling daughter. Sorry just dont know.
Theres a time for being their for your kid and well shes old enough to start out on her own. Learn from her mistakes etc. etc.
Good luck to you. hugs to you.
Hang in there, I agree that you are doing the right thing. When you set rules in your house, others should respect that. You're already providing a lot.
You know the nice thing about her going into her room is you don't have to watch the pouting. She will unfortunately soon get over that part and be back out, but in the meantime just forget her and enjoy your life. The more she sees that her behaviour upsets you, the worse she will get. If she has another major meltdown, maybe you can just ask her to go back in her room until she is over it.
Sorry my friend. You know I've been there, done that. I stand by my conviction that two grown woman cannot share the same house for any length of time, even if they are mother and daughter (or stepdaughter, as in my case).

Here's hoping that her hubby has enough money saved up to move them out to Arkansas very soon.
By the way, they are moving to the most expensive part of the state.

I have made it clear to family members - in laws and biological - that my dogs live here, they don't. They don't like it? I just tell em to not let the door hit em where the good Lord split em.
"my dogs live here, they don't" Right on, Gritty. This is a point that I had to make to my son on one of his visits. He has never been a dog lover - go figure.
In my home you don't shove a dog and say, "Dog get out of my way." The dog has a name, and SHE lives here. It's not just two grown women sharing a house - It's just that if you are in my home, respect for the rules is expected. Keywestchick, you have my total sympathy.
Well Gritty, figures they are moving to the expensive part. Hes making good money, working for a natural gas company on a gas rig? I cant remember the whole thing. Halliburton? Something like that. The dog is back in. DD is avoiding me, whatever. She can be nice and stay here, or she can find somewhere else to go until she gets moved out to Arkansas. I know she misses her hubby. But she has been nasty the last month. Thankfully, My hubby has been very tolerant and hasnt thrown them out yet, lol.

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