A Lonely Rooster. Suggestions?


Feb 3, 2016
I have had to move my Rooster inside due to city ordinances. I have a 6x8 space complete with a ramp, elevated perch and deep layer of pine shavings that is all his in a spare bedroom but I am concerned about how being separated from his hens will affect his behavior and morale. He has never really cared too much for human attention so I am dubious as to whether or not he would care for more human company. Any suggestions regarding how I can make his transition less stressful and improve his quality of life would be greatly appreciated.

I am not going to rehome him, he is my breeder with many good personality traits. He is going to get all the scrap veggies from our meals to supplement his diet of feed. I hung a little mirror in there with him which he seems mildly interested in from time to time. Beyond that I am stumped. I don't want to put just one or two birds in there with him as they would get worn out by his amorous advances. Thanks in advance!
Is there any way you can put a couple of birds next to him, in a separate area, but where he can still see them? He may have figured out the mirror is his reflection. I have a couple birds in my basement right now, one pen has a 3 month old pullets and one has a year old hen. I don't have them together because the hen will beat up the pullets, but I didnt want the hen to get lonely by herself. So I put the pens next to each other and she seems fine. All by herself so she can't do anything, but she can still see them so she isn't lonely. If I were you, I would maybe make a separate pen next to him with some bantams or something small easily kept indoors, so he can see them. I should think that would work.
So I broke down this morning and moved 3 of Colonel Cluck's hens into his enclosure. He was clearly heartbroken to be separated from his girls and I could not even stand to see him so depressed. He is such a diligent guardian and a real gentleman with the hens it really felt like unjust punishment to isolate him from the girls he has lived with his whole life. They seem to like him back just as much so I'll just have to put up with a higher feed bill for the time being.
It's a shame he can't stay outside with his girls. Could you use on of those no-crow collars or something, so he isn't heard and known as a rooster? Though I have heard they are dangerous.

I did purchase a no crow collar and we tried it for a week or so. He is a black jersey giant and he is still quite loud even while wearing it. It does diminish his crowing but he sings the egg song with the hens and its both beautiful and noisy. I really can't risk having animal control come out since we also happen to have more hens than is allowed by the city. >.<
My Jerseys are the most talkative chickens I have ever encountered which to me is always a treat but also I have a nasty old woman living next door who seems to hate everything. I was also concerned about putting the collar on any tighter since he is still growing a lot it required constant adjustments while not really achieving the results I needed. I agree it is a shame, watching him marshal the flock is a real delight. As it stands I have put his 3 favorite girls in the enclosure with him. He is pretty gentle with his amorous advances but if any of them begin to show signs of wear and tear I will swap them out just to be safe. There is also a nice roosting area that they can jump up onto if they want to avoid him for a while.

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