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    Apr 7, 2012
    We were thinking of incorporating Salatin's methods in our horse pasture but I just think our scale would be too small to make in influence on the pasture. We have 25 acres of pasture and 8 horses, getting a couple mini cows this spring. We rotate in half.
    Anyways, thinking about freedom rangers but trying to figure out how much longer they take to finish?
    do they eat more than cornish since they take longer?
    Do they roost?
    Will the weigh less than cornish and create smaller roasters?

    We thought we would do an A frame on wheels with a scarecrow and some electric netting. Is this a good plan?> Much loss from hawks?Does the electric netting prevent weasel invasions? We do have weasels here.
  2. Freedom Rangers- 1 Ton of feed finishes out 100 birds. Up to 30% less with good forage.

    25 acres of pasture sounds fantastic. I use electronetting and a towable hoop house but my birds are more static.

    If I had 25 acres, I would just use the tractor itself with plenty of hardware cloth and move it daily with a tractor or 4 wheeler.

    Freedom rangers take 9-12 weeks, 12 if you want the biggest. They do not produce the breast meat that the Cornish do but are more flavorful.

    Mine do not roost but are not really given the opportunity to.

    Netting for weasels are dicey. If they get hit with electric, they won't come back, but those bloodthirsty creatures, can fit through a tiny hole and are quick. If they dart throuh before the electric pulses, they could be inside instead of outside which would result in carnage.

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