A mouse in the house

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  1. Oh gosh, how much I HATE MICE!!!!!! Im not scared of them, I just down right HATE THEM! They chewed a big HOLE in the dogs food bag and left a MESS. They chewed through my bator cord, my heat lamp cord, even through the BROODER BOX! *which I have fixed already, thank god!). They are little pain in the neck NASTIES! We get them, then we get rid of them then a few months later, THEY ARE BACK and WORSE then before! Forget the glue traps, tehy dont work, IMO. Only thing that seems to work are snapper traps, but I hate the results of the catch YUCK!
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    Quote:Get some kitties!!!
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    My chipmunk trap only caught mice. Half fill a bucket of water. Then get an empty soda can and puncture a hole in the bottom of it. Run a piece of twine through it and tie each end to opposite sides of the bucket. It should be tight. Slide the can to the middle. Glob peanutbutter on the can. Place the bucket in the mouse's path. A mouse can't climb the outside of the bucket so it should be near a step or low wall. The mouse will try to get the peanutbutter, the can will spin. Mouse falls and drowns. No more mouse!

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