A mystery I need Help with !!!


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Jan 27, 2012
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I got up this morning to open my chicken door like usual. Only this time I found that my 3 bantam Black Wyandottes were all dead. The only thing in there was my Black Australorp rooster. Could he have killed the Wyandottes? One was a rooster and the other two young hens. One chicken lost its head the other two were badly torn apart I really can't tell if it is two or just one in the mangled mess. Is anything strong enough to open my egg door and get in? Or could have my sweet rooster really have done it. He doesn't have a scratch on him. Also if this helps here is there "poop" that was left in one of the nesting boxes. It seems to be much to big to be chicken "poop". But what do I know!
Sounds like a raccoon. They will poop where they feed to mark their territory. Plus the pull heads off and tear apart birds. He probably left the bodies because he could figure out how to get them out.

Also since this is in your pen. "There is significant danger in handling raccoon scat. Raccoons often carry a roundworm parasite called Bayliascaris procyonis which can cause serious illness or even death in humans and other species, both wild and domestic." So I would shovel this out of the pen and put it in the trash.

I would put out a trap because he will be back for his food. They really like marsh mellows and pepsi for bait.
I agree-def a coon!!!! I can see it crawling right up there--lifting the lid and scurrying under and helping himself.set your trap and good luck. I had good luck with marshmallows and peanut butter and also sardines.

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