A nervous wreck !!! Had to help chic out of shell

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    I brought my broody hen in last Thursday as my 11 eggs i let total of 3 broodys sit on in the coop, as i have 2 roos i started getting nervous about leaving them in the coop, they rolled i guess a bad egg out last week in was in the run....6 hatched with no problems, but yesterday one had pipped but nothing ever happen so reluctantly yesterday i opened the shell, fully formed chic yolk all absorbed but it was dead....[​IMG] well this am another chic had pipped but no zipping so about an hour ago i helped it out of the shell , IT'S ALIVE !! so i quickly put it in 10 gal aquarium with heat light , it's right at 100 degrees so it can dry good, i first put it back under the hen but the others were stepping all over it, so i took it out, when it drys good and is alert can i put it back with the hen and others? will she reject it? oh and i still have 4 eggs left, only one is marked though so i guess someone snuck a few extras in, should i just let her keep setting??? no idea when they got in the batch....Sorry for the long post , glad im home from work today....oh and i have another 17 babys in a play pen , about 3 1/2 weeks old, HmMmm.....think i could be addicted?

    Dixie [​IMG][​IMG]:love
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    When your baby is dry and moving around good, put him in your hand and sneak him under one of your sitting hens, I think you have more than one? Do it late in the evenning just before dark. Usually the hen will accept an additional baby in the first few days after hatching.

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