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6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
30+ years ago when I rented a 100+ acre farm and I had chickens. Just the plain old white ones that I bought at the local farmers market. I was young and didn’t bother to get the name of the breed. I bought 12 and they were good laying hens. Being one person that is a lot of eggs to get through. My friends always had fresh eggs. To help keep the predators (fox, coyote, mink) away I added two Pilgrim geese to the flock. They worked better than any guard dog or fencing system. It was a good thing the geese were on the aggressive side because their fate was to be Christmas dinner. My neighbours were from Holland and had always had goose at Christmas. Once they came to Canada they found that goose was very hard to come by. Easy solution, they bought the goslings, I raised them and then they did the slaughter and dressing. I knew that my lease would eventually end because of zoning changes going on all around me. That 100+ acre farm is now a really ugly subdivision.

Fast forward to 2013. I live on a small property in a town that is 85% agriculture based. The other 15% is housing and services. When I first moved here in 2003 there wasn’t a single set of traffic signals in the entire town. We now have one at the major cross roads. I would like to get back to having chickens on the property. I would like to keep dual purpose birds. One of things I will need to do though is get a by-law passed that small flock can be maintained on properties that are not zoned for agriculture. In this town anything under 10.1 acres is zoned residential. Does anyone on this list have experience with getting by-laws passed that allow for a small backyard flock? The most I would want to keep is 10 birds - no roosters. If it isn’t possible for me to keep chickens I would still like to stay on the list and learn more about the different breeds.


Glad to have you here on the forum!

I will look forward to reading your posts

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

You will find lots of info on zoning in the Local Chicken Laws and Ordinances section of the Forum.

I live in a very large county that has not one single stop light - just some blinkers at corners, and only a few of them.
welcome! I have no idea how you go about getting the by-law changed. I wish you luck! I have to keep my chickens at a friends property. we moved and I can not have them where we are now. I wish they were closer, but I have to drive 10 miles to their new location.

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