a polish with 5 toes

Suess hens

11 Years
May 4, 2008
Altadena, CA
is this possible?
We were sold two polish. One is a definite. The other confusses me as it has only a little tuft on the top of the head and 5 toes. Did I get a funky silkie?
you must have a Houdan, thats true houden look like polish the difference is they have 5 toes.
Okay... I will look up pics of these other two breeds and see if I can get a finger on it. I would take pictures, but it is too late tonight. I "close up" the brooder at night like I put the big girls in at night, night light on and the "door" closed. I'm a dork, I know!
Sultans are feather legged, Houdans are clean legged. Should't be hard to choose between those 2 options.

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