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  1. kycklingmamma

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    Ok, So I have a question...
    I was in the store yesterday to buy some feed that both my ducklings and my chicks can be on, so I was told to get Purina Flockraiser. They only have it in pellets. Why only in pellets, if you are supposed to feed them this while they are young,, until the get put on layer. My chicks and ducklings about 6 weeks old, are not ready for pellets yet. This doesn't make sense. I was told the Purina don't even offer this in crumbles anymore, due to the fact that there was to much waste..or some story like that.
    Why can they make crumbles in any other type of feed, regardless of waste, but not in Flockraiser.

    I hope somebody has an answer, since I am running out of ideas as to what to feed them. I would like to be able to buy only one type of feed to the young ones.

    Thanks, Kycklingmamma
  2. Katy

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    I can only get flockraiser in crumbles.....wish I could get it in pellets.
  3. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
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    At 6 weeks ducklings need the flock raiser and they can eat pellets. Add a little brewers yeast to it for them to increase the niacin. They also need grazing time and protein sources. At 6 weeks your ducklings are ready to be outside most days eating bugs and grass - the flock raiser is a supplement for them.

    Flock raiser does come in crumbles but it is medicated and I do not medicate anything on my little farm.

    For your chickens I suggest you stick with the chick starter for them until about 18 weeks of age or you see your first eggs then switch them to laying feed.

    You can feed them all flock raiser but the chickens will grow better and be healthier on the chick starter grower.

    The ducklings mature much faster and will should be ff starter feed around 4 - 6 weeks.

    They have 2 entirely different nutritional needs that can be met with one feed but you have to work at it and supplement it.

    I would invest in a bag of purina start and grow and a bag of purina flock raiser. You will use it up and both ducks and chickens will be very healthy and happy.

    Everybody has their own idea about what is best and I have tried to feed mine with one feed and they do survive on it but they thrive better with the different formulas.
  4. kycklingmamma

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    Thank you so much for your response. I will do what you recommend, one question though, should I at this point get medicated chickstarter for my 6 week olds as well as three week olds ( chicks), or should unmedicated be good enough? Either way, I will get what you recommend.
    So you think the ducks can eat the pellets? I will try it.
    Also when do I move the ducks off Flockraiser, do I move them onto layer as well?

  5. horsejody

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    Around here we can only get Flockraiser as crumbles. I would prefer the pellets. Purina Mills has more than one plant. The one nearest to us is in Colorado, and they only do crumbles for Flockraiser. FYI, if you don't already do it, people that buy Purina chicken feed should subscribe to the Poultry Press because they have a $5 coupon every month.
  6. kycklingmamma

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    Thanks for the poultrypress insight I will sign up right now.

  7. MissPrissy

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    I kept my ducks and geese and turkeys on flock raiser and gamebird feed until I saw the first eggs. Then I mixed the flock raiser with layer feed and gamebird feed. My ducks are laying amazing eggs right now. It will be interesting to see how long the appleyard eggs season is. We are really spoiled right now with duck eggs. My kids prefer them over chicken eggs - fried and scrambled.
  8. kycklingmamma

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    Again thank you for all the info, I will do what you are doing, figure you know all about it..I am so glad we have this awesome forum.

  9. jnjross

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    you can't believe much of what you hear from the feed store, mine said hovabator/gqf went out of business [​IMG] [​IMG]
    yes i set him straight, just because THEIR supplier stopped offering it doesn't mean it no longer exists!
  10. kycklingmamma

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    You are absolutely right. I did some research earlier today and found out that of course Purina still have Flockraiser available in crumbles but what happened is that the Houston area (where I live) gets their stock from the Dallas plant and they only make the pellets there. That is why there are issues finding certain feeds at different areas in the country. Purina makes it, but not necessarily for your market area. The lady at Purina,, very nice and helpful lady, said that if for some reason I can't find what I need they also make a different feed, similar to Flockraiser called"Homegrown", it is not on their website, but she said it is their economical version of Flockraiser. Just ask your feedstore to see if they can get it. I thought that was pretty interesting.
    I made up my mind, though and are planing on following the recommendations MissPrissy gave me.

    again thanks, kycklingmamma

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