a question about walking on floors

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8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
My Coop
My Coop
hi everyone,
have been unable to find an answer through a good google search so have come to the most experienced place on our fluttery ones.

am well aware that chicks can get leg problems from walking on slippery floors and had made sure the brooder had a backup anti slip mat incase they had dug away all the shavings [anti cedar,anti dust].
does the slippery flooring rule also apply to dry but smooth floors such as laminate flooring?
also,is there a rough age when it is safe to allow them to walk on laminate flooring or similar?

the 'chickrew' [
] are a very curious bunch and enjoy time out of the brooder,and woud love to eventualy let them on the floor.

thanks in advance!!

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