A Question For Sellers Of 'Eggs For Hatching'.

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I have a question for sellers / shippers of 'eggs for hatching'.
Do you candle your 'eggs for hatching' to check for cracks / flaws in the shell / double yolks, etc.

Why do you candle prior to shipping or if you don't, why do you not?


I typically do to make sure there are no cracks from being pushed around in the nest boxes and make sure things just generally look normal.
Absolutely. I wouldn't sell an egg for hatching without candling first. I look for cracks, thin spots, too much porosity, and abnormally thick areas, particularly in the "zip-zone". I also check for air cell placement, now that I figured out how to see it in a fresh egg.
Hi! That's great to hear --- *2 thumbs-up*.
I always candle eggs before I send them out, but wondered if I was alone in that.

I rarely have to pull a flawed / funky egg, but it does happen.
I think it would be a good practice.

Hey Lisa
I don't think very many people do. I have seen all kind of bad eggs sent to me and you didn't have to candle them to see it. The biggest difference is your eggs hatched.
Yes indeed.

I had an egg shipped to me that was so porous that you could see it even without candling.

I generally only incubate the very best eggs, so I don't know what I was thinking about, but I did put it in the incubator.

About a week later, I had these eggs on a turner and I had to take them out and put them into a carton, and this egg had leaked and was stuck to the turner, and of course, when I took it out, it broke and I had egg all over. It was a big egg, too.

It wasn't rotten but it was still messy. I should never have put it into the incubator.


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