A Quick, Easy & Cheap Temp Fence

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  1. Need to temporarily fence off a part of your run? Try this. All you need is some scrap 2 x 4 lumber, some long wood screws and a length of plastic screen wire.


    (Click image to see a larger view.)

    Make an L shaped post, about 4' x 2' for about every 8-10'.of the length of the fence. Cut the bottom of the vertical board so that it leans inward just a little bit for stability. Wrap the screen wire under the base about 6" to prevent escapes. Use a heavy duty stapler to attach the screen wire. A piece of lathing on the top of the wire keeps it from ripping out.

    In the case pictured I had walls at both ends so I just used a single long screw to hold the end-posts in place. When I use it in the chicken run I just attach it with bailing wire. When it's no longer needed, just fold it up and stick it in a corner for next time.
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    Good idea, thanks for sharing.

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