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Mar 29, 2009
so I have decided that my sick rhodie must have worms. i just bought Thomas WOrm Off (piperazine dihydrochloride). I read just before I'm about to give them the tabs that it is not intended for egg production chickens. BUT my gal has been sick and losing weight for over a week. I live in an area where it is difficult to find a dewormer. This was the only thing available. My thought is to isolate her and give it to her anyway. and get a different dewormer for the other birds in the meantime. I know that someone told me a bit of garlic in the water should do the trick but i'm worried becasue this one is sick. any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.


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Mar 31, 2009
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I have to assume that it is labeled for non-egg-producing chickens because of some residue left the eggs from the wormer.

If that is the case, i would think that it would be safe to use on the chicken but don't consume the eggs for the next 2-3 weeks after treatment, which is normal for most, if not all, wormers.


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Oct 4, 2008
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Most all wormers for chickens will say that on the label. Piperazine is a light duty wormer that will generally only kill round worms and nodular worms. But is a great first time wormer if the chickens have never been wormed before. Don't eat the eggs for 10 to 14 days. After that point most of the wormer is out of their system. You can then follow up with a heavier duty wormer such as Ivermectin to kill any other worms that might be in the system. If you use a stronger wormer the first time, you run the risk of killing your birds due to all the dead worms in their system and their bodies can't handle it. After a good worming then you can do maintenance products such as Diatomacious Earth (Food Grade Only) or Cayenne Pepper or even apple cider vinegar.

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