A Roo and his Yak

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    As some of you know, I rescued a Silkie Roo a few weeks ago. He had been abandoned on a dirt road and was living at the end of a woman's driveway for four days. She knew I had chickens, so she asked me to come get him. I can't believe the little guy survived for four days out there! Hubby and I caught him, brought him home, slowly introduced him to the flock, and fell in love. His name is Fricken, and he's the best little pet. LOL! Never thought I'd actually have a pet chicken. He comes to me when I call him, hops up onto my arm, sits on my lap, and makes little happy sounds when he's being pet. My big roo, Jarhead, still doesn't like him much. He tolerates him, though, as long as Fricken doesn't get too close. My little bottle-fed yak steer, Bayak Obama, and Fricken have become buddies. It cracks me up how they always hang out together. They even lie down and snuggle up to each other to take naps. Here are a couple of pics.


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    Awww that is sooo sweet! Now I want a yak![​IMG]
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    that's silly. [​IMG]

    ...and what does on do with a yak? I mean is it your lawn mower or is it raised for meat? just curious.

    I think it's sweet they are buddies.
  4. I want a yak, too! LOL
  5. Ever watch Ren & Stimpy with Yaksmas? When the Yak comes & shaves in your sink and leaves you it's used shaving cream with hairs in it? [​IMG] Or when Ren wants to build a "gelding gin" and it shows a yak in it--really shifty?? LOL
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    What an adorable pair.

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