A Rooster's Journey

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    I couldn't understand bareskins to save my life. I was raised with my ladies and loved them dearly but the bareskin people did not like the way I treated my girls. I couldn't get them to understand I was protective of my gals and wanted to keep them safe from all predators including that little bareskin who kept coming around and chasing my girls until they were so upset they either collapsed in terror or found a way over the fence.

    First, I threatened the bareskin with stomping and wing dragging to let the little monster know I was serious about protecting my ladies. When my display was ignored I went after the little devil's toes which ended up with me in 'The Rooster Room'. I stayed alone with food and water for several days. I crowed to my ladies and heard them call back. My frustration grew. I spent hours pecking and scratching at the floor and walls. I lost weight. I plucked myself bald under my left wing. Finally, I was allowed to join my girls. All went well for a week or two. We were not bothered by any predators but I kept watch and made sure my gals were safe. I shared my food and danced around them and we were a happy flock.

    I was not happy when the little bareskin returned. I crowed loudly to warn my ladies of a potential threat to their safety and they gathered near me. I clucked comforting words to them to let them know I would protect them. And sure enough the little two-legged devil came running and screaming. I charged forth and gouged the attacker with both spurs. Blood flowed. Screams filled the air. I retreated with my hens to get them away from the smell of blood.

    The large bareskin came and I crowed with head held high to let them know I took care of my ladies. The next thing I know I was stuffed in a burlap feed bag and slammed against the ground. Stunned, I could not move but I could hear the worried cackling of my girls. I tried to crow to them only to be slammed against the ground one more time. I couldn't move. My breath would not come. I knew I was dying and wondered what would happen to my girls. Without me they would perish. Air gushed into my lungs and I gasped. I bobbed about in the sack and felt wind push the burlap against my comb. I remained very quiet.

    Trying to breath, I felt the sack hit something and water began to fill the bag. I shrieked and flapped my wings for what seemed like forever but the water was slowly rising. Next, I heard a shout of a bareskin, and the bag was jerked upward. I saw sunlight and a bareskin peered at me.

    "Who on Earth threw a perfectly good rooster in the river?" she cried.

    I moaned and spat water from my beak.

    "There now. I'll take care of you. Ain't you a handsome fella?" she crooned and pried me out of sack.

    To exhausted to move, I lay on her car seat with neck stretched across her thigh. I listened to the car's engine and fell asleep.

    I was very ill when I awoke. There was a needle in my wing vein and I tasted the liquid entering my body. I was warm and the air was sweet to my lungs. I rested and the next time I opened my eyes I was in the bareskin's arms. She gently put a towel over me and simply held me to her chest. I could hear her heart beating. A beat much slower than mine. Her hands were warm. I looked around to discover a blue sky and brilliant sun. I looked her face and waited for her next move. She sat quietly in the grass, looking at the trees and sky. I heard the shrill cry of crickets and grasshoppers but didn't really care until I heard the cackle of a curious hen. I raised my head from the bareskin's arm.

    "Ahhhh, I see Louise has caught your attention," she whispered to me. "She's the boss hen."

    I admired Louise's round frame but dared not move. I was a mess and no hen would be impressed with a half bald pale-comb rooster. So I kept quiet. One by one, several hens came forth to see what the bareskin was holding. I was mortified they would see me in this condition and tried to hide under the fingers holding me.

    "He's not ready to meet you all," the bareskin said to the hens. "He needs a little more time to get himself looking good."

    Louise cackled her reply and lay in the grass. Her sisters joined her and soon they were all resting in the sun. I watched those feathered bodies relax and simply enjoyed the sight.

    As the days passed, I grew stronger. I was moved from and indoor box to an outdoor box on the front porch. Louise and her sisters cackled excitedly and ran over to see who the new rooster was. I clucked in roosterly fashion to be polite and the hens cackled in glee. A few more days went by and I felt like a rooster again. I preened my saddle feathers to a shine and gave my neck feathers special attention as they always gathered too much grime. When I felt ready I crowed at Louise to state my intentions. She and several hens squatted at once.

    Life is good! I crowed and tried to flap my wings but the box was too small. As if on cue the bareskin approached and opened the mesh door separating me from the hens. I exited in what I hoped was roosterly fashion. Once in the front yard, I stretched my neck, flapped my wings, and crowed so hard I had to grab the ground for support. Louise ran up to me and groomed my wattles for a moment. I made my way through the flock of excited hens and pounced on the first insect I found. I squeezed it and flung it on the ground.

    "Ladies! Look what I caught for you!" I crowed. "Look! Come eat it!"

    Louise was there first. She tasted the morsel and swallowed it. She shouted to her sisters and the foraging was intense for the next few minutes. I did my part by crowing and flapping my wings to scare up more bugs for the girls to eat. I also kept my eye on the sky for a hawk. Life is sweet! So happy to be alive! So lucky to be a rooster!

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    What a neat story, love the perspective and the happy ending!
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    La Crosse, WI
    Awesome story!
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    Amarillo Area
    nice story i love it
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    That is so cute!
    Please don't tell me this is a true story! [​IMG]
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    such a sad begining, but that's where all the good stories start.
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    I love it! [​IMG]

    Truth be told, I have about as much tolerance for little bareskins as the rooster does. [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the kind words! Sorry about the typos but my eyes are old and these dang progressive lenses ain't worth diddly squat.
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    Oohhhh! I simply loved it! Great job! [​IMG]

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