A Simple Way To Add Water To Styro Type Bators

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    Use a 12" (approx) piece of fishtank tube snaked thru the turner cord slot between the cover and base. Snake it down to the area right above the water trough, but not in the area where the turner is. Using a ballpoint pen point make the screen hole round, and insert the tube down to the water trough. Now you can fill the tube using a small funnel or do what i did...I took a pill bottle, I drilled a hole in the bottom to be a snug fit for the tube to go thru. Anytime I want to fill it i slip the tube into the bottom of the pill bottle extending in only a small anount. When i fill the pill bottle the water runs out the bottom thru the tube and into the trough. BTW When i take the turner out to set up for lockdown, i install another piece of tubing for the second water trough in the same way. Make sure you label them so you know which one to add water to to adjust humidity. Note...with the turner cord removed there is enough room in the slot for both tubes to fit. For those of you with styro type bators that don't have a slot, you can carefully cut one in the styrofoam, but make sure you don't make it too big or you could lose temp. and humidity. " Happy Hatching "[​IMG]
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    I think you posted this in the wrong section!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] from CA [​IMG]

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